Who is Functional Steel?

Functional Steel, is a young company aimed at developing equipment in Stainless Steel.

When was founded?

A Functional Steel was founded in January of 2000, in Ossela. Since 2007 we are located in S. Bartholomew, Macieira de Cambra, Northern Portugal.

What it does?

We create and developed equipment in Stainless Steel according with specifics need of our Customers. Additionally we provide after-sales service and maintenance, as well as production of pipes and accessories.

What sectors of activity?

Food Industry
Chemical Industry
Thermal Waters
Water Treatment

Who are our customers?

Among some of the key customers and partners, we highlight the following companies: VISTA ALEGRE ATLANTIS; SAPEC AGRO; OLÁ; HIKMA - FARMACÊUTICA PORTUGAL, S.A.; GROUP, INOXPA S.A.; MWBRANS; MICAU S.A.

You are certified?

Yes we are. Functional Steel, is covered by the certification ISSO 9001:2008, Certification Body TÜV Rheinland Portugal,LdaEXPORT TO

Which highlights?

Know-how acquired over time.
Value for money.
Speed of execution.
Meeting deadlines and commitments.
Reliability of equipment
Project Turn-Key Hand: Design, production, installation and after-sales solutions developed by us. /p>

For what markets?

Despite being a young company with little more than ten years, Functional Steel, has already left its mark on the world. Exports to countries like Spain, France, Algeria, Seychelles, Mauritius, Brazil, Ghana and Angola. /p>

Why Functional Steel?

A Functional Steel, Specialist in stainless steel, provides to its customers a personalized service with custom-made solutions. We give importance to R & D and seek to evolve consistently through each project Honor the commitments to our partners is our main concern.

Why choose stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a steel alloy with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content by mass, with high resistance to atmospheric oxidation. We present below the main characteristics of this material:

High corrosion resistance
Adequate mechanical strength
Ease of cleaning / Low surface roughness
hygienic appearance
Inert material
Easy of conformation
Easy union
Resistance to high temperatures
Resistance to cryogenic temperatures (below 0 ° C)
Resistance to sudden temperature variations
Surface finishes and shapes
Strong visual appeal (modernity, lightness and prestige)
Cost / benefit ratio
Low maintenance cost
Recyclable Material
Good manufacturing
Average density = 8000 kg / m³